About Us

We are 2 sisters who set out to hopefully make a difference.

After dealing with mental health struggles ourselves in our youth and adulthood, we began to witness our kids and their friends be faced with some of the same challenges. It's even harder watching the ones you love struggle, and we wanted to put our hearts in to a product and brand that was not only fun to wear, but carried a powerful message.

Our specialized arm patches are strategically placed so that in moments of despair the wearer can glance down & have a message of encouragement, hope & know they are not alone.

While we have a great emphasis on helping those with mental health issues, our biggest message is that there is NO SUCH THING as “normal” It is a facade… An unrealistic bar of measurement that we unnecessarily place on ourselves to try to “fit in”.

What we hope is to spread the word that there is NO normal & that even on our darkest days we can find light & hope.

So come as you are- there is NO NORM here!!
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